Curriculum Vitae

Born and raised in Berlin, far away from the sea, I have been fascinated by the movement of the sea and the battle between the largest man-made machines and the forces of nature.

What began as a curious child became more and more serious with age, and during my studies I realized that the key to creating the world’s largest machines is the ability to bring people together.
In addition to my studies, I used my jobs to acquire soft skills that trained me in the constructive interaction with people and made me a strong communicator. Together with my voluntary work, in which I have been involved for ten years, I have learned to work in a team, to lead and motivate people. I have made myself assertive, decisive and strong in leadership.

Due to my technical and social skills, I would be not only a professional but also a human enrichment for your team. I have an obsession for accuracy, a keen eye for details and I keep always a positive attitude.

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